Private Health Insurance - PruHealth with Vitality

Why choose PruHealth?

Our vision is to be the leading health insurer in the UK, providing you and your employees with the best products and service possible. 

When you choose PruHealth you can be sure that

  • Our plans are designed with your employees in mind
  • When they call us we'll provide assistance from professional and knowledgeable people who care and understand
  • We'll be open and clear about what your employees are covered for. When we say 'full cover' we mean it and won't leave them with extra costs
  • We help your employees to live a healthier life by giving them access to Vitality, our health and wellness programme
  • We're committed to creating innovative products and investing in your employees' wellness
  • We provide health insurance with a difference. We were the first health insurer in the UK to reward our members for looking after themselves, and their wellness continues to be central to our philosophy

Great cover for your employees

Fast access to expert care

With our Business and Corporate Healthcare plans your employees can benefit from quick access to high-quality private care.

Access to the latest drugs and treatments

Advances in medical technology such as new drugs and new surgical procedures are being made all the time and our plans aim to cover these as they become available.

First-class customer service

Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service team is there to support your employees throughout their illness and treatment.


Our Vitality programme is core to all our plans and makes being healthy more rewarding.

Personalised Member Zone

Access to an individual and interactive website with offers, goal-setting, Vitality partner information and much more.

Extra incentives

To motivate employees, when they take part in certain healthy activities they'll earn Vitality points to increase their Vitality status from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Benefits for your business

Suits all budgets

Our Business Healthcare plan offers a comprehensive range of options so you can create a plan to suit your organisation's needs and budget and there's extra flexibility for larger corporate schemes with our Corporate Healthcare plan.

Increased productivity

Research shows that healthy employees don't just take less time off sick. They're three times more productive than employees in poor health.

Source: Work Foundation Healthy Work Report

Attract and retain key staff

Providing PruHealth cover can be seen as being a positive benefit that offers a competitive advantage when recruiting.

Many benefits in one place

As one complete health and wellbeing package with many benefits, options including Worldwide Travel Cover and Dental Cover, PruHealth saves you the time and hassle of having many providers.

We'd love to help

If you're thinking about providing PruHealth as part of your healthcare strategy, we'd love to help. We passionately believe in providing truly rewarding cover - for you and your staff. Contact your adviser for more information.

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Contacting PruHealth with Vitality

If you would like to speak to one of our Appointed Representatives about your health insurance needs, Call us on 0800 333 357