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Our experience is recognised, with our awards including winning Best Individual PMI Provider at the Health Insurance Awards in 2014.

What you get from VitalityHealth

VitalityHealth is committed to growing the market and supporting the adviser led distribution of PMI.

We understand the important role that commission plays in supporting the achievement of these objectives and so we have thought carefully about our structures to ensure they are aligned to these objectives. We have also set out to tackle some of the key issues we all face such as managing premium inflation, improving client retention, broadening the appeal of PMI to a wider audience and fairness and transparency.

We have therefore adopted a number of key strategies which we apply to our commission structures:

Strategy Structures

Ensure commission levels are sustainable over the long term and do not require increasing premiums at renewal

10% initial commission for Business Healthcare

45% initial commission for Personal Healthcare

Reduce incentives to churn and create incentives to establish long term client relationships Level commission for Business Healthcare (10:10)
Reward high quality advice centred around client need and product value proposition Additional Vitality Plus commission on Business Healthcare plans to reward broader advice encompassing wellness and employee engagement as well as traditional PMI. This is offered on a two tiered basis and linked to participation in the Vitality Academy.

Detail on Business Healthcare

For firms with larger portfolios, who achieve Prestige status through our Vitality Academy, and show continued, profitable growth, there are further benefits available. For these firms we will be in contact with broker principals.

Click here for more information on Personal and Business Healthcare commission.

What your clients get from VitalityHealth

When your clients choose VitalityHealth you can be sure that:

  • We help your clients to live life well by giving them access to our health and rewards partners
  • Our plans are designed with your clients in mind
  • When they call us we'll provide assistance from professional and knowledgeable people who care and understand their needs
  • We'll be open and clear about what they're covered for. When we say 'full cover' we mean it and won't leave your clients with extra costs

Flexibility to meet your client's needs

Our plans are totally flexible so you can be sure there will be something to meet every client's needs and budget, be they individuals, SMEs or Corporate clients.

For more information, call our Sales Support team on 0345 602 3461 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. 

What you can do in the Adviser Service Area

  • Track PHC new business
  • Download scheme membership details
  • Obtain individual quotations
  • Submit individual business online
  • Read our latest news articles

How you can access the Adviser Service Area

If you're already registered for Adviser Service Area access, simply click on the link to the right and enter your username and password. Next time you can log in from the home page. If you are new to VitalityHealth and need to register click here.

Access to the Employer Zone

If you sell VitalityHealth to group clients, we can give you access to the Employer Zone. In the Employer Zone you can:

  • Manage scheme administration
  • Access reporting tools
  • View the Health and Vitality Summary for clients with 20+ employees
  • Download the health and reward partner toolkit

Useful Information

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For useful information on how to register to sell VitalityHealth products and our commission rates please click the links below.

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