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Vitality, insurance that rewards your clients for being healthy

Why your clients should choose VitalityHealth

We reward your clients when they lead a healthy lifestyle and we make it cheaper and easier for your clients to get healthier every day. Our extensive range of health and reward partners means your clients can benefit from things like discounts on gym membership and fitness equipment plus bonus Nectar points when they buy certain healthy foods.

We give your clients points for doing healthy things. Their points count towards something called their Vitality status. As they earn points, their Vitality status increases. Everyone starts at Bronze, then they can work their way up to Silver, Gold and then Platinum.

Vitality points scale - per adult on plan:

Vitality status
Points scale
This is where everyone starts
Gold 1,600
Platinum 2,400

Our partners can work for your clients in three simple ways:

1. We help your clients understand their health

The first step for your clients is to understand how healthy they already are with an online Health Review.

2. We make it cheaper for your clients to get healthier

Once they understand how healthy they are, they can start using our partner discounts to help them with things like stopping smoking, losing weight and getting fitter.

3. We'll give your clients rewards to keep them motivated*

Getting healthy takes a bit of time and effort, so to keep your clients motivated, we give them rewards for doing so.


* Available to all Personal Healthcare members and Business Healthcare members with Vitality Plus.
Terms and conditions apply to our partners, check out our current partners and their offers.

With Vitality, we could give your clients cashback for being a non-smoker

We could reward your clients who are non-smokers with cashback payments. The higher their Vitality status, the more money we give them. Cashback applies to all plans and is subject to a Vitality Healthcheck. For Personal Healthcare, all adults on the plan need to be non-smokers. For Business and Corporate Healthcare, the principal member of the plan needs to be a non-smoker. Cashback depends on your clients Vitality status and for group clients, whether they have Vitality Plus or not. Cashback is paid in quarterly instalments.

Cashback for Individuals

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
% of annual premium
5% 7.5% 12.5% 15%

Cashback for employees on Business Healthcare plans

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Annual amount with Vitality Plus £60 £90 £120 £150
Annual amount without Vitality Plus £40

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Benefits of our partners

Health insurance from VitalityHealth

Helps your clients understand their health

Makes it cheaper and easier for your clients to get healthier

Offers rewards for getting healthy

Could give your clients cashback for being a non-smoker

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