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Why your clients should choose PruHealth with Vitality

Vitality is a programme that's proven to make a difference to our member's health

We've worked with doctors, scientists and academics to create Vitality, a programme that helps members live a healthier lifestyle. Together, we've identified lots of things they can do to get healthy. It's more than just general good advice, like eating greens and moving about more. It's about setting specific, achievable goals and rewarding them for getting there. We can prove that doing it this way really does make a difference to their health.

The Vitality programme can work for your clients in three simple ways:

1. We help members understand their health

The first step for your clients employees is to understand how healthy they already are with an online Health Review. And, to understand their health further, they could get a free Vitality Healthcheck.

2. We make it cheaper for members to engage with their health

We'll help your clients employees get healthier by supporting them when they eat well, get active and stop smoking. Through our partners, they can get discounts on healthy things like gym membership, fitness equipment and bonus Nectar points when they buy certain healthy foods.

3. We'll give them incentives that keep them motivated

Getting healthy takes a bit of time and effort. So, to keep your clients motivated, we've chosen incentives that help them rest, relax and live life well. They range from the everyday to the extraordinary. Through our partners we give them cash back on tickets to concerts, films and West End shows. They can even get discounts on family holidays. The higher their Vitality status, the bigger the rewards.

With Vitality, we could give your clients cashback for being a

We could reward your clients' who are non-smokers with cashback payments. The higher their Vitality status, the more money we give them. Cashback applies to all plans, and depends on your clients' Vitality status and whether they have Vitality Plus or not. Cashback is paid in quarterly instalments.

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Cashback for individuals

For clients with Personal Healthcare plans, we reward them when all the adults on their plan are non-smokers. All they need to do is make sure every adult on the plan takes a Vitality Healthcheck which will confirm to us that they have all been tobacco and nicotine free for at least 12 months, and we'll give your clients cashback and 300 Vitality points.

The cashback is paid on a quarterly basis.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
% of annual premium 5% 7.5% 12.5% 15%

Cashback for employees on Business Healthcare plans

For members on Business Healthcare plans, we reward the principal member of the plan when they are a non-smoker. All they need to do is to undertake the Vitality Healthcheck which will confirm to us that they have been tobacco and nicotine free for at least 12 months, and we'll give them cash back and 300 Vitality points. The table below shows the amount of cashback the principal member could earn during a year.

The cashback is paid on a quarterly basis:

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Vitality Plus £60 £90 £120 £150
Without Vitality Plus £40 £60 £80 £100

Vitality for Individuals

We help your client's understand their health, and suggest ways they can improve it. We make it easier and cheaper for them to get healthy. And, to keep them motivated, we give them incentives for making positive changes to their health

Vitality For Individuals

Vitality For Groups

Vitality For Groups