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Private health insurance cover options - PruHealth UK

Everyone's lifestyle and health needs are different. So your clients can add any of these options to their core health insurance cover. They just choose the cover they need.

Out-patient Cover

If your clients choose our Out-patient Cover, they'll be covered for seeing specialists outside a hospital admission. This means they won't have to wait for results, and they won't have to wait months to be treated.

This cover includes:

  • Specialist consultations
  • Physiotherapy
  • Diagnostic tests such as blood tests and x-rays

Your clients can choose from Full Out-patient Cover, which includes unlimited out-patient visits and diagnostic tests.

Or they can opt for limited cover, which includes specialist consultations, physiotherapy and diagnostic tests up to a set limit of £500, £750, £1,000, £1,250 or £1,500.

Therapies Cover

If your clients are suffering from back or neck pain, food intolerances or other general problems, their GP or specialist might refer them to a therapist.

Therapies we cover:

  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Osteopathy
  • Chiropody/podiatry
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Two consultations with a dietician
  • Choose either:

    • Full cover
    • Cover up to £350 per plan year

Psychiatric Cover

Your clients health insurance can look after their mental health too. We cover treatments such as:

  • Consultations and treatment with a psychiatrist or psychologist
  • Hospital stays

Levels of cover for each plan year:

  • £15,000 including an out-patient limit of £1,500
  • £20,000 including an out-patient limit of £1,500

Cancer Cover

If your clients want to get lower premiums, they can reduce their Cancer Cover.

They can choose Cancer Cover instead of Extended Cancer Cover. With Cancer Cover, we cover In-patient and Out-patient costs if they are diagnosed with cancer.

These costs include:

  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and follow-up consultations
  • Biological therapies*
  • Hormone and bisphosphonate therapies*
  • Cancer surgery and reconstructive surgery
  • Stem cell transplantation

* Limits apply to these therapies.

Dental Cover

Choose from two levels of cover. Whichever is selected, your clients are free to choose their own dentist.

Major Dental Treatment:

We'll provide your clients with cover for major dental treatment including:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Root canal treatment
  • Extractions
  • Dentures
  • Emergency dental work after an accident

Major and Routine Dental Treatment:

With this option we cover everything in Major Dental Treatment. We also cover routine examinations and scaling and polishing. And we cover dental x-rays and fillings.

Dental Cover Major Dental Treatment Major and Routine Dental Treatment
Maintenance: routine examinations. Maximum of two claims each plan year
Up to £30 per claim
Maintenance: routine scaling and polishing. Maximum of two claims each plan year
Up to £40 per claim
Maintenance: dental x-ray. Charges for radiography of teeth or jaw. Maximum of two claims each plan year
Up to £40 per claim
Treatment: fillings. Maximum of two claims each plan year
Up to £40 per claim
Crowns: new or replacement Up to £300 Up to £400
Inlay/onlay/overlay: new or replacement
Bridges/implants: new or replacement Up to £200 Up to £300
Root canal treatment Up to £150 Up to £250
Apicectomy Up to £100 Up to £150
Extractions Up to £150 Up to £250
Dentures: new or replacement Up to £250 Up to £350
Accident and emergency: Accidental dental: charges made by a dental practitioner or specialist for a dental accident. Maximum of four claims each plan year Up to £2,500 per claim Up to £2,500 per claim
Emergency dental: Charges for immediate relief of severe pain, haemorrhage and/or infection. Maximum of two claims each plan year
Up to £300 per claim
Emergency call-out fees: Maximum of two claims each plan year Up to £50 per claim Up to £50 per claim

Read our eligibility requirements

Worldwide Travel Cover

  • Up to £10 million emergency medical expenses overseas
  • Also covers everything from a lost suitcase to a delayed flight
  • Even includes Winter Sports Cover
  • Applies to trips of up to 120 days
Travel benefit Amount of cover
Overseas medical expenses
Medical cover if taken ill overseas, including accommodation costs and travel expenses for one person to remain behind with the sick or injured member*  Up to £10 million
Repatriation expenses*
Transfer of body or ashes back to the UK
Cost of burial or cremation outside the UK Up to £1,000
Other travel expenses
Loss or damage to personal belongings Up to £2,000*
Loss of personal money Up to £1,000*
Delayed departure
Up to £100
Missed departure Up to £500*
Cancelling the trip or cutting it short Up to £4,000*
Personal accident Up to £25,000
Personal liability Up to £2 million
Loss of passport Up to £250*
Delayed baggage Up to £200*
Legal expenses Up to £25,000
Winter Sports Cover (cover is limited to 21 days in total in a plan year)
Loss or damage to ski or snowboarding equipment Up to £500* each plan year
Loss of ski pass Up to £500* each plan year
Piste closure (£30 a day) Up to £500* each plan year
Loss of use of hired skis and ski pass due to illness or injury Up to £500* each plan year

1.Benefits per each person covered, per holiday, unless otherwise stated
2. A £50 excess applies to all benefits marked with an asterisk
3. You must be 65 or under when you apply for this cover

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