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Local hospital list

Includes all of the hospitals in the UK's largest hospital groups, including BMI Healthcare, Nuffield Health, Spire Healthcare, and Ramsay Health Care, and a number of select local providers, including Aspen Healthcare and the New Victoria Hospital.

Countrywide hospital list

Extends coverage to include not only all of the hospitals on the Local Hospital list, but also adds a number of regional independent hospitals. All non London NHS Private Patient Units are included plus some Central London NHS Private Patient Units. The London Clinic, The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, King Edwards VII's Sister Agnes Hospital in Central London are available to your clients.

Premier hospital list

Offers the widest choice, so your clients can have their pick from all the private hospitals and NHS hospitals with private facilities in the UK.

Hospital list co-payment

Health insurance from VitalityHealth

If your clients use a hospital that isn’t on their chosen list, then they’ll need to pay 40% of their treatment costs (excluding the specialists’ fees). If they want to avoid paying this, they’ll need to travel to a hospital on their list. If they need treatment that the hospitals on their list can’t give them, then they can contact us. We will find a hospital and a consultant to give them the treatment they need.

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