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We understand the need to provide our corporate clients comprehensive cover with the ability to flex benefits to suit their specific requirements.

How our health insurance works

Our corporate clients benefit from a dedicated client management team including a face to face Corporate Sales Consultant, Corporate Client Manager and office based Corporate Account Manager. Management information is provided which reports on claims, service and Vitality engagement. We also provide access to an online Employer Zone where your clients can view member lists and download material from the Vitality toolkit. The toolkit helps them promote Vitality to their employees ensuring they get the most out of the programme.

We help your client's employees get healthier

Vitality is our healthy living programme. It's one of the ways we help your client's employees live life well. Through Vitality, we suggest ways they can get healthier. We give them discounts and cash back on things that are good for them including up to 50% cash back on a bike with Evans Cycles. We give them incentives for making positive changes to their health such as up to 25% off holidays with Mark Warner. We reward your client's employees who are non-smokers' with cash back so they can feel rewarded for a healthy lifestyle. The higher their Vitality status, the greater the cash reward, up to £150 a year.

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And importantly, WE look after them if they get ill

Through our health insurance, we make sure your client's employees get the best possible medical care if they get ill. It includes in-patient and day-patient cover if they're admitted to hospital.

Employees also get access to our Lifestyle Surgery benefit.

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See what your clients can add on to their cover

Next, your clients can add other cover options to suit their employees lifestyle like Out-patient or Therapies Cover.

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Add a Personal Health Fund

Your clients can add this to help their employees pay for everyday healthcare expenses.

Choose where your client's employees can get treatment

Your clients can choose where they want their employees to be treated with access to some of the leading private hospitals throughout the UK. We've got three different hospital lists for them to choose from.

Choose your hospital list

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Next, your clients can choose how much their employees pay towards their treatment and how often they pay it

Your clients can choose from a range of excess levels, whether their employees pay per claim or per year and could even choose to link their employees excess level to their Vitality status.

Choice of underwriting

Your clients can choose from different types of underwriting depending on their size and whether they are new to health insurance or switching from another insurer.

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